How To Download And Unzip Our Programs

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For PC Users

Windows XP and 7 can make and open zip files. However, older versions of Windows need the help of software. Below are free versions:

For Mac Users

Mac programs for opening zip files are:

Please let us know if you experience problems unzipping your files. You may email us directly

Downloads will not be counted until the file is finished transferring, even though the number may increment when you click.

Problems With Incomplete Downloads

If one of the mp3 files you have downloaded ends abruptly or doesn’t appear to run the appropriate length, the file may have downloaded incompletely. This can happen if you internet connection was lost during the download process. It is recommended that you attempt to re-download the same file again. A program to accelerate your file downloads is recommended. Please see below.

Download Acceleration Program

Please download and install the following program (download manager) which will accelerate your file downloads and ensure they download completely:

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