Webinar Replays

Once you sign up for one of our webinars, we will send webinar access and replay links to the email address you signed up with. So if you aren’t able to make the webinar, no problem. We usually record and post these webinar replays and will automatically send you a […]

Burning MP3 Programs to CD

How To Burn To CD The information below explains how to put mp3 files on a CD after they are downloaded. There are a number of good software programs that burn CDs such as Roxio Creator and Nero, or the free Microsoft Media Player. Below Is Information On How To […]

Adding Programs to Portable Devices

Adding Programs To IPhone/IPad/IPod (Instructional video coming soon) – The most common way to download our MP3 programs to your iPad is to download the program onto your desktop or laptop computer and then synch your devices. You may also use a free app called Downloads Lite for iPad to download files […]

Problems With Incomplete Downloads

If one of the mp3 files you have downloaded ends abruptly or doesn’t appear to run the appropriate length, the file may have downloaded incompletely. This can happen if you internet connection was lost during the download process. It is recommended that you attempt to re-download the same file again. […]

How To Download And Unzip Our Programs

For PC Users Windows XP and 7 can make and open zip files. However, older versions of Windows need the help of software. Below are free versions: WinZip http://www.7-zip.org For Mac Users Mac programs for opening zip files are: http://www.stuffit.com/mac-expander.html http://www.zipeg.com/ Please let us know if you experience problems unzipping […]